I love my bike!

In Denmark, the country runs on the bicycle.  Whilst most people have cars or access to cars, they are quite expensive to buy and run so a lot of people choose to just own a bicycle to get around on… which leads to some very interesting bike shapes and illegal carrying solutions for large loads!

Me?  Well we live near my parents-in-law who are happy to lend us a car every now and then, so we mostly travel around by bike … and I need mine to cycle to and from the station everyday.

The bike is one I am ‘borrowing’ from my Father-In-Law and it’s old and well-used.  I had it serviced a few months ago with a new chain and stuff – it felt so quick like a new bike and I started to really enjoy riding it!

But then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed my rear tyre was going flat and a little bit worse for wear.  I tried to re-inflate it in one of those motorised air pumps available to the public and as soon as I put the nozzle on…


The tyre flat out exploded!  Thankfully I was able to be picked up and we took the bike home.  Because we went on holiday, we left it in the bike shop for a couple of weeks and I had to borrow Mrs. Goat’s bike.  Sadly, her bike seems to be in worse condition to mine and it was really difficult and scary to ride 😦

But in the end it made me appreciate how much I love my rusting piece-of-junk of a bike as when I got it back, it really was like I flew like the wind!  Mrs. Goat keeps telling me that we should get new ones – and we will replace hers, but I have grown fond of mine so much I can’t bear to get rid of it!

Funny how that happens eh? 😉


About rubbergoat

Hi there! I’m a mad keen F1 fan who has been addicted to the sport for 20 years. I watch every race and follow the sport in every way I can. I have a keen interest in numbers and I would like to analyse the races from a statistical point of view to see if the data shows something we can't see on TV. As always, I’d love to hear what you think and especially if we can discuss my analyses that would be great – but please no nasty stuff!
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