Pick a Pizza for Pete’s Sake!

The following is an actual conversation from the Lair of the Goat:

Mrs Goat: “What Topping do you want on your Pizza? We got ham, pepperoni, capsicum, onions and tomatoes”

Me: “sounds good”

Mrs Goat: “All of them? are you sure?”

Me: “Well, just pepperoni then…”

Mrs Goat: “No ham? you can’t have a pizza without ham…”

Me: “Well… ok, some ham then”

Mrs Goat: “Some onions too?  I thought you liked onions?  They would be nice too”

Me: “Eh?  Hang on, you just said that I can’t have everything, so I chose one thing and now you want me to have more toppings?”

Mrs Goat: “Yeah go on…it’ll be nice!”

Me: “Oh alright then!”

Mrs. Goat: “And you should have some capsicums too – it will be really nice!”

Me: “Hang on, that’s all of the toppings isn’t it? “

Mrs. Goat: “Nah, you don’t want tomatoes, they’d make the pizza all soggy!”

So I ended up having a home-made ham, pepperoni, capsicum, onions and chillies (found later) pizza – and it was lovely.  We actually spent more time discussing the toppings than making the pizzas though! 😀

Are you rubbish at deciding what to have on your pizza?  What’s your favourite toppings and what would be your dream pizza?  What’s your funniest pizza story?  Let me know in the comments, as I think there are some stories out there just waiting to be told… 😉


About rubbergoat

Hi there! I’m a mad keen F1 fan who has been addicted to the sport for 20 years. I watch every race and follow the sport in every way I can. I have a keen interest in numbers and I would like to analyse the races from a statistical point of view to see if the data shows something we can't see on TV. As always, I’d love to hear what you think and especially if we can discuss my analyses that would be great – but please no nasty stuff!
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2 Responses to Pick a Pizza for Pete’s Sake!

  1. Nick-F1 says:

    MMM… i now need a pizza!

    I have recently become more partial to chicken on a pizza, which i have often ignored in the past. You cant go wrong with thinly shredded steak either… Black Olives are controversial, but i am a big fan…

    Ive had a fried egg in the middle of a pizza too, and that was really good, with some blue cheese.

    Although during my time in OZ i accidentaly discovered the joys of Mayo on on a pizza. I had been disgusted with it for so long, it came as a real shock to discover it was quite good, especially on a plain margarita! Give it a go if you haven’t!

  2. Great Pizza stories… Um… Not sure…

    Eating the most amazing pizza of my life in Da Baffeta in Rome?

    I’ve been to a certain Italian restaurant enough times that I have had everything on the menu (luckily the menu hasn’t changed in the 12 years I’ve been going there).

    Other than that… Not sure.

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