Running, Trains, Lemons and Lemonade

So I’m still running – albeit 3km once a week. I must say I’m still really enjoying it – the challenge of pushing myself to my physical limit while being alone with my thoughts still gives me a big rush.

[picapp src=”8/f/8/4/Man_running_towards_cde1.jpg?adImageId=7117915&imageId=5067265″ width=”411″ height=”416″ /]

I have been able to explore all the streets around where I live (mostly by getting lost 😉 ) and have found loads of cool ‘Easter Eggs’ – for example a hidden wood with a duck pond and some lovely streets with some houses I wouldn’t mind living in – and some cool cars too.

So Wednesday is ‘Run Day’ (which will be expanded to twice a week this week) and I have managed to go for a run without fail. Whether it has rained, been cold, or dark, I have gone for a run. The cold does not even bother me because once you find a rhythm you can keep yourself warm.

Today was the biggest test though. I walked to the local tube/subway station to find out that all trains to Copenhagen Central Station were cancelled. As I needed to get there to catch my Intercity train home, this presented a problem. The only solution that DSB offered was to provide a replacement bus – which meant that I would have to wait for an hour in the cold and rain only to be packed like a sardine in a hot damp bus for another hour.

[picapp src=”1/b/1/2/Drifting_Steam_56b7.jpg?adImageId=7118028&imageId=3655914″ width=”500″ height=”483″ /]

So I thought to myself: “Well it’s not too far to Central Station, I’ve walked it before, so why not do my run now?” I laughed in a crazy manner – it was both a stroke of genius and madness in one idea, because I was carrying a bag full of books and wearing a heavy ski jacket. But what the heck, I could just stop running and walk if it went wrong, so I had to try it. It sounded like lots of fun. I certainly wouldn’t let the incompetent fools at DSB spoil my day because they were too cheap to maintain the lines properly!  Right then, the only thing I could think of was the phrase “When life deals you lemons, then you make lemonade out of them…”

I packed my scarf and gloves into my bag, put on my iPod and started the timer. I had started another challenge. Surprisingly, I was able to run with a good rhythm, and I mentally thought out my route. There were lots of people to dodge and I did get some funny looks, but I was determined to make it. I passed the royal palace, around a large public space called ‘Kongens Nytorv’, I was making good progress, but the biggest challenge still lay ahead. I had to run the majority of the route down the busiest, pedestrian-only shopping street called ‘Strøget’.

So I pressed on – but things suddenly got a lot more difficult. I guess it’s my fault for running down there, but it was the quickest and most familiar route I could think of. However, there were so many people that it was difficult to find a way to run around them. This wasn’t helped by the fact that people seem to have problems walking in a straight line – the extreme cut across in front of you was a speciality! So I had to keep my wits about me and be careful when avoiding people.

At this point, my legs are burning and my feet are hurting. It started to get harder to run, and there seemed to be more people around. But my goal was getting closer and I didn’t want to stop now… I wanted to get home! Finally I got to Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall) and there was just too many people -and besides, I was almost at the railway station. So I warmed down by walking the last block to the railway station. I had made it!

Naturally the railway station was packed full of commuters who were also keen to get home – but I got a train quite quickly and was only an hour late getting home. I was a little hot and sweaty, but I felt great in the knowledge that after all the challenges, I had run 4km instead of 3, and I had done it in about 30 minutes, which was quicker than usual.

Sometimes when life serves you lemons, you have to make lemonade out of them 😀

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Hi there! I’m a mad keen F1 fan who has been addicted to the sport for 20 years. I watch every race and follow the sport in every way I can. I have a keen interest in numbers and I would like to analyse the races from a statistical point of view to see if the data shows something we can't see on TV. As always, I’d love to hear what you think and especially if we can discuss my analyses that would be great – but please no nasty stuff!
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