World Cup Predictions

OK, this is a quick one and just for fun. I would like your World Cup predictions on the following:

  1. World Cup Winner
  2. Top Scorer
  3. Best Player
  4. Biggest Surprise (Team and Player)
  5. Biggest Disappointment (Team and Player)

(Note: 4 and 5 need not be the same for both player and team, it’s entirely up to you…)

I went with:

  1. Spain
  2. Kaka
  3. Messi
  4. Team – New Zealand scoring a goal. Player – Landon Donovan (USA)
  5. Team – England, as always – they’ll get to the quarter finals, play well and then fall apart. Player – Ronaldo (POR) – I think he’ll be relied upon too much by his team mates…

I’d love to know yours, so please leave me a comment with your predictions and we’ll see how you do 😉


About rubbergoat

Hi there! I’m a mad keen F1 fan who has been addicted to the sport for 20 years. I watch every race and follow the sport in every way I can. I have a keen interest in numbers and I would like to analyse the races from a statistical point of view to see if the data shows something we can't see on TV. As always, I’d love to hear what you think and especially if we can discuss my analyses that would be great – but please no nasty stuff!
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4 Responses to World Cup Predictions

  1. 1. Germany
    2. Podolski
    3. Kaka
    4. Team: Denmark (scoring a goal) Player: Daniel Agger (Denmark)
    5: Team: France! Player: Thierry Henry

  2. Pat W says:

    1. Spain
    2. A Brazilian..
    3. erm
    4. USA
    5. England, I fear they could be worse than usual…
    I don’t know much about football players!

  3. Flutter F1 says:

    How about….
    1. Holland
    2. Peter Crouch (no really!)
    3. Wesley Sneijder
    4. Team – Chile has easy group and should score plenty, Player – Jong Tae Se is quality but unfortunately his Nortg Korean team isn’t.
    5. Team – Portugal as I don’t think they will get out of the group stage. Player – Drogba, but only because he shouldn’t really be playing with an injury (if he plays at all).

  4. Amy says:

    your biggest team surprise has already happened! YAAAAY!

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